Welcome to The Stroud and District Motor Club Website.

Stroud & District Motor Club is a club of car enthusiasts, founded in 1950, which organises competitive motorsport events throughout the year, mainly concentrating on Car trialling.

Car trialling is one of the cheapest forms of competitive motorsport you can do. You can buy a Class 1 car (such as a Citroen Saxo) for around £250 and entries into our events are from £25 for a full days motorsport!

The Club focuses on two types of car trial: Car Trials (formerly Production Car Trials (PCTs)), & Classic Reliability Trials. To find out more information about these types of trials click on the relevant link above.

The club runs three main Classic Reliability trials:

The Cotswold Clouds Trial in early February, which has its origins from the “Gloucester Trial.” Often referred to as “The Clouds” it travels around the stunning surroundings of the Cotswolds and the Stroud area. This trial usually draws in many spectators at hills such as “Crooked Mustard” in Dursley, “Nailsworth Ladder” situated on the hill just above the town of Nailsworth and “Ham Mill” on Rodborough Common.  Archive footage of the “Gloucester Trial” can be seen here

The Syde Classic Trial, usually run in March, which is a single venue event, allows our members another opportunity to compete but in a more relaxed atmosphere.

The last Classic trial run by the club is The “Mechanics” Trial in mid October. This trial bears its name from the Mechanics Arms pub which donated the trophy to the winner. For information on what cars can be driven in classic trials click here

We also run 5 car trials throughout the year which are a single venue events. These events see members, both young and old, competing in a huge variety of cars. See our Car trials Page for more information on what type of cars can be run in car trials.


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