Car Trials (formerly PCTs)

A Car Trial is a single venue event, held on private land, with 6-8 sections for competitors to negotiate. These sections are subdivided 12-0 and involve undulation. The further up a section you get the lower your score. If you get all the way up a section you get a clear (0). The winner is the person with the lowest score at the end of the day. If you stop on a hill you fail the hill at the number on the next post. If the centre of your front wheels are beyond a number e.g. 5 then you score a 4 as you are in the 4 section until you pass the number 4 post. If you pass the number 1 post you have cleared the section.

There are normally 4 rounds at a car trial. 2 rounds before a 45 min lunch break and then 2 more after lunch. The sections are normally altered by the organisers during the lunch break so that hills can be made easier if not many people are clearing them, or made tougher if everyone is clearing it.

As these events are held on private land there is no need for the competition car to hold an MOT, Insurance or be taxed. This means that you can trailer your car to the venue and further reduces the cost of competing.

By also being held on private land this enables younger drivers to compete from the age of 14 years +. We encourage this by having a Junior award at each event and an overall Junior championship with the winner of the championship being one of the major award winners at our awards dinner.

Car Trial events consist of 6 classes, all classes have a class winner as well as 2nd & 3rd in class (subject to number of starters), but you are mainly competing for class awards. There are however also awards for 1st overall, Best Novice (subject to 3 novice starters), Best Lady and Best Junior (14-17 years). The classes all start at a different hill so that there is less hanging around waiting for other competitors to take on a section.

The 6 classes are as follows:

  • Class 1. Front engine front wheel drive production cars without ballast. A sump guard weighing no more than 10kg may be fitted. – E.g. Citroen Saxo, Citroen AX & Ford Ka.


Class 2. Front engine front wheel drive production cars BUT with ballast added, weighing over 10 kg. – E.g. Citroen Saxo, Citroen AX & Ford Ka.


  • Class 3. Front engine rear wheel drive production saloons and production sports cars. – E.g. Ford Escort, MG Midget & BMW Z1.


  • Class 4. Rear engine rear wheel drive production cars. E.g. Hillman Imp & WV Beetle.


  • Class 5. Kit cars. – E.g. Marlin Roadsters, Dutton Melos & Liege.


  • Class 6. Specials. – E.g. Cannon, Troll & other specials.


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