Competitive Events

Listed below are the events organised by the club for 2019:

These events cannot take place without marshals. If you are not competing please offer your services to marshal. Also if you want to find out what a trial is about there is no better way to find out than be a marshal on an event. If this sounds interesting to you please contact us through our contact form.

Click on the event link to view and download details such as entry forms, regs and results. (Link will appear when details are available)

Competitive Events: (All dates are subject to weather/venue availability)

  • 3rd February – Cotswold Clouds Classic Trial
  • 2rd March – Syde Classic Trial
  • 14th April – Hobbs Car Trial
  • 2nd June – Moss Motors Car Trial
  • 7th July – Summer & Ladies Car Trial
  • 11th August – Clifford Hooper Car Trial
  • 13th October – Mechanics Classic Trial
  • 9th November – Historic Sporting Car Trial
  • 10th November – Autumn Car Trial


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