Club Trophies Points Scoring System

Minco Cup 

Points Awarded.

1st Overall                            10 Points

1st Class                                  8   “

2nd Class                                 7   “                      To qualify for this trophy

3rd Class                                  6   “                      you must organise or marshal

4th Class                                  5   “                      on at least One S&DMC event

5th Class                                  4   “                      during the year

6th Class                                  3   “

Start                                        1   “

Finish                                      1   “


Cullimore Cup 

Points Awarded

2 points organising or marshalling, 1 point competing driver/passenger


Con Rod Trophy – Best Performance by a Lady Competitor

Points awarded as Minco Cup.


Just Junior Award – Best Performance by a Junior Competitor.

Points awarded as Minco Cup.

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