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Will Cox


Car: Van Diemen FVJ

Series: Monoposto Racing Club Championships

2018 Reprise IT Monoposto Tiedeman Trophy Champion

Jim Blockley


Cars: Ralt RT3, Brabham BT21B, Chevron B17, Caravelle Mk2

Series: Monoposto Racing Club, HSCC HF3, HSCC Historic Formula Junior

6x Monoposto and 2014 HF3 Champion

David Cox


Car: Ralt RT3

Series: Monoposto Racing Club Championships

1983 Mono Kent Champion

Rick Neale


Car: Davrian Dragon Mark 8 Evo, home built Project, 2L redtop, 6 speed sequential gearbox.

Series: EMCOS, Cotswold Motorsport Group

2003 Cotswold Motorsport Group Tarmac Champion

Martin Grindrod

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