The Stanley Cup – New Award for 2019

The Stanley Cup

A new annual award which will be awarded to the driver of a Marlin with the best performance across SDMC events.

The trophy will be donated by the Cox family in memory of Stanley Cox, former member and 1962 Chairman.

The Criteria:

  • Only SDMC events Count and must be a member of the club
  • All Marlins to be eligible
  • All Events score points
  • Final points decided on Best of 5 rounds
  • Points to be awarded based on the Best marlin, 2nd, 3rd etc at each event
  • Best marlin decided by lowest overall scoring marlin
  • If ties occur each gets equal points
  • You must be a marshal or organiser on an SDMC event at some point in the year to qualify for the trophy
  • The Driver with the most points after dropped scores at the end of the year will be the winner of “The Stanley Cup” which will be awarded at the Annual Awards Dinner.
  • Points will be awarded as follows for each event


  • Best Marlin – 10 points
  • 2nd Place – 8 points
  • 3rd Place – 7 points
  • 4th Place – 6 points
  • 5th Place – 5 points
  • 6th Place – 4 points
  • 7th Place – 3 points
  • All other finishers – 2 points
  • Starters but non finishers – 1 point

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